News · 19. September 2020
In the last days we got an E-Mail for a invite to a "Schweigemarsch" (Silent walk protest). Normally we are happy when we got invites for peacefull demonstrations and book our artists for this, but here is one big problem: This is a protest against the COVID-19 rules. We as a musiclable and our artists don't want to be involved in ANY Anti-Corona demonstrations. It is to dangerous to get into another shutdown only because people violates the rules, they also get other people in danger. Also...
News · 04. August 2020
CDBaby has open their warehouse again! You as a CDBaby or Alliance Entertaiment Reseller can order our CDs NOW AGAIN! It can maby take a while till your order will arriving do to many stores will be ordering CD/Vinyl they are missing at once. (Like in many other buissnesses)
News · 27. July 2020
We have searched for a new Distributor of some parts of our Music and we found one. We can welcome DITTO MUSIC as our Partner of choise. Over Ditto we will distribute mostly Singles or EPs of our Artists. Also you will get Music on platforms that were original released only as limited copies. Albums that will be sold also as CD, MC or Vinly will be still distributed by CDBaby (when their warehouse will open again), us and other Partner, as stated in our Catalog.
News · 11. June 2020
Here at Vier Sterne Deluxe Records we have made the decision to stop sell our music via the plattform "Yeay". We had distribute the music since 2017 via this plattform. In the years that followed Yeay grow and changed drasticly. So drasticly that we did'nt belive that our music fits on that platform anymore today. We will pull the final plug on 15th June 2020.
News · 22. May 2020
Today we can announce that we got a Lablecode that will be present on all future releases. LC95242
News · 07. May 2020
Hannover/Wolfsburg. Whats new? What changes will be made in the future? This and other questions, we answer now.