16. June 2021
Yesterday "10 Years" released with a big media echo. The Wolfsburger Nachrichten and their sister newspapers published a half side article in their offline and online publications. Songs from the album are played on radio stations in Russia, Sweden, USA, UK, and more countries around the globe. UKs Radio Station Phoenix98FM got DJ KAITO even for an Interview and on their front page on their website. Many people blogged about the album in many countries and languages and Kaito could gave...
26. May 2021
We here at Vier Sterne Deluxe Records are at the moment in the final negotiations with the rightful owners of the animation Studio Dingo Pictures. We here on Vier Sterne Deluxe Records want to release the old movies as radiopalys on download and streaming platforms. This press release is a bit different than the usual ones, do to the fact that this is one of the bigger talked about animation studios out there, with a bunch of mystery behind it and a bigger community, we ourselfs are part of. So...
10. May 2021
Here at Vier Sterne Deluxe Records we are cuntinusly on the search for new talent. Now we can announce that we found a very talented musicain. Lets introduce you to Georg Slany aka LIFECAT, from Rosenheim, Germany. Connected to the "Kunst Kollektiv Rosenheim" & "Kreativ Kartell Rosenheim" where we are working with at the moment for some bigger projects, LIFECAT was introduced to us. His music is diffrent, his passion for music is his life! As a kid he learned to play piano and drums. He...
News · 09. February 2021
While the still goin succsess on Boomplays charts playlists, DJ KAITOs Single DISS charted now on Chicago's HitsYouLove Radio Top 40 Charts at #36 this week. HitsYouLove Radio is part of the BMS Radio Network est. 2005.
News · 08. February 2021
DJ KAITOs new Single DISS (Intenzoo Remix 2021) came out on 1st February. It now entered the Top Hip-Hop & Rap Charts and peaked atm at #3 and #17 at the Top International Charts on Boomplay Music. "That is one of the best moments in my 10 ears as a musician. To see my songs have get the right audiance", DJ Kaito said to that. DISS (Intenzoo Remix 2021) is a Remake of the 2016 releases Song which peaked #1 on the INICAT Charts. It is also part of the 10 YEARS Aneversary Album. Edit: 9.Feb....
News · 08. January 2021
Today we can announce that we singned a new talented artist. Let's welcome NAOMI Born in 1998 as a boy, she lives her life now as a girl. Her speciality is arround K-Pop/HipHop and you will hear this year something big from her. She is also a member of the K-Pop dance group FaKe PasTel.
News · 02. December 2020
On first of December DJ Kaito launched his new Single "Die Leiden (2018 Version)". A dark Single based on a true Story of one of his friends and the wish to help the friend out of this situation. One day after, it reached the Top20 International Songs on Boomplay and entered the Charts at No.18. At the same day Spotify introduced this years rewind. All Artists combind got a total of arround 20.000 streams and 800 hours playtime out of 50 countries in 2020 on Spotify alone.
News · 19. September 2020
In the last days we got an E-Mail for a invite to a "Schweigemarsch" (Silent walk protest). Normally we are happy when we got invites for peacefull demonstrations and book our artists for this, but here is one big problem: This is a protest against the COVID-19 rules. We as a musiclable and our artists don't want to be involved in ANY Anti-Corona demonstrations. It is to dangerous to get into another shutdown only because people violates the rules, they also get other people in danger. Also...
News · 04. August 2020
CDBaby has open their warehouse again! You as a CDBaby or Alliance Entertaiment Reseller can order our CDs NOW AGAIN! It can maby take a while till your order will arriving do to many stores will be ordering CD/Vinyl they are missing at once. (Like in many other buissnesses)
News · 27. July 2020
We have searched for a new Distributor of some parts of our Music and we found one. We can welcome DITTO MUSIC as our Partner of choise. Over Ditto we will distribute mostly Singles or EPs of our Artists. Also you will get Music on platforms that were original released only as limited copies. Albums that will be sold also as CD, MC or Vinly will be still distributed by CDBaby (when their warehouse will open again), us and other Partner, as stated in our Catalog.

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