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DJ Kaito

Solo musician, born in 1997 in Hannover and the first open pansexual rapper in Germany. He makes music since 2011. He released the first TrashTape that started Vier Sterne Deluxe Records.

In 2016 and 2017 he was on Tour in Germany and absolved 100+ concerts.


With "Signal Kommt" he got also sucsess outsite German speaking countries.

Web: djkaito.de

DJ Kaito on Discogs

Si-To MC

Si-To MC is very reserved about the appearance in public. He first appeared 2013 together with DJ Kaito on "TO o to". 
In 2015 he released is first own album "Anders is besser" as free download. He appears since on releases from DJ Kaito.


In May 2019 he released his second album BLACK.

 Web: SiToMC

Si-To on Facebook

Si-To MC on Discogs


Georg Slany aka LIFECAT, from Rosenheim, Germany.

Connected to the "Kunst Kollektiv Rosenheim" & "Kreativ Kartell Rosenheim" where we are working with at the moment for some bigger projects, LIFECAT was introduced to us.

His music is different, his passion for music is his life!

As a kid he learned to play piano and drums. He spent his childhood in children's homes and had there a hard time. Only his love for music is what remains.

2004 - as a kid - he begun making his first songs. In 2019 he released his first Singles on the Lable Room 307

Lifecat on Facebook

Lifecat on Instagram

Dingo Pictures

Dingo Pictures is a 1992 founded animation company. After stopping the production on movies in 2005, they only licenced their movies.

After the death of both founders in 2015 and 2019, Dingo Pictures got into the hands of relatives.

In 2021 a new CEO was announced. Together with them we are bringing back their old classics as radioplays as remastered versions and are part of an upcoming documentary.

More about Dingo Pictures:

Dingo Pictures Wiki

Dingo Picutes on Instagram




NAOMI is our upcoming talent, and newest member.

Born in 1998 as a boy, she lives her life now as a girl.

She signed in January 2021.

Her speciality is arround K-Pop/HipHop.

She is also a member of the K-Pop dance group FaKe PasTel.

Web: NaomiMusic


NAOMI on Instagram

NAOMI on Twitter

Dj Amph3x

DJ Amph3x is also known as "Captain Germany" or "A.G.". He joint Vier Sterne Deluxe in Spring 2012 as A.G. . A video with DJ Kaito follwoed.  In 2013 he made a few Lets Plays on YouTube unter the name Captain Germany, and got quick into music based games.

Together with DJ Kaito a single called "Monster" was planned for 2015 but never released.

Since 2018 he calles himself DJ Amph3x and is a teammember at the Online Radio Hardbase.FM


DJ Amph3x on Facebook

Vier STerne Deluxe

Vier Sterne Deluxe was founded in 2011 by DJ Kaito and DJ Sheldon. In Summer 2012 A.G. (known today as DJ Amph3x) and DJ Moesql joins the project. The first EP

"Und dein Herz schlägt schneller" released the same year.

In Spring 2013 the first works for the Vier Sterne Deluxe Album "Owns" has begun, and in August the album "Und dein Herz schlägt schneller" was released.


DJ Moesql leaves the project in summer of 2014. Si-To MC takes his place.

In October "Unbequem Fernsehen" EP was released.

In 2015 DJ Sheldon leaves the project. In November of 2015 the Album Owns was released.


In 2017 Sintakk, Boozer and Tybalt, joint the project for a few songs.

Vier Sterne Deluxe on Discogs


We are searching for new talent. Just get in contact with us!



Qult is a 2008 founded Rap and Rock Band with politic lyrics from Freiburg.


They are best known for their Musicdemos, Streetconcerts and the Song "So viel mehr".  Over time their absolved 300+ concerts in Germany, Austria and Swiss. 


Qult was part of Vier Sterne Deluxe Records fom 2018 to 2020 and released in that time 2 EPs.


Web: qultmusic.com

Qult on Discogs

DJ Moesql

DJ Moesql was part from 2012 to 2014 and released a hand full off electronic mixes.

Till today he is still involved in some tracks and made some remixes but not under contract.


In 2016 he released his Moesql EP. In 2021 his entire works for Vier Sterne Deluxe Records will be released on one EP.


DJ Moesql on Facebook

DJ Moesql on Discogs

DJ Sheldon

Sheldon, a DJ right out of a book. Responsible for end-checking Songs and Videos. Nothing was published without his consent. He also took care of statistics ec.


In late 2012 a "DJ Sheldon Nr.1" Mixtape was planned and nearly finished in Summer of 2015. It was cancelled when he left Vier Sterne Deluxe Records in 2015.

 DJ Sheldon on Discogs

Vier Sterne Deluxe Records:           100% Selfmade

Vier Sterne Deluxe Records was founded in 2011 by two friends with the same interest in music.

In 2012 we celebrated their first major release. With "6th October (Tag der Nation)" by DJ Kaito we held our first viral hit in our hand.

2015s "Anders ist besser album" by Si-To MC saw a similar devellopment.

In October of 2016 we partnered with the platform INICAT. The DISS EP by DJ Kaito skyrocked to Nr.1 of the INICAT charts at release and stayed a few weeks in the top 5.

In December 2016 we partnered with CDBaby for putting future releases of our artists on mature platforms like Itunes, Amazon and Spotify, also they made our CDs availeble in the USA and other places in the world.

In January 2018, we made our first own deals with Record and CD stores for distributing the CDs our artists in Germany by our selfs. In the years coming more stores partnered with us and in late 2018 we expanded to the Netherlands.


Today we got 15 own partner stores and reach 10.000+ stores arround the world with our distribution partners.


100% Selfmade

This is not just a saying, but a promise.

With us, the music is recorded independently in the in-house studio or right at our artists, edited and mixed. The music videos are also produced in-house.
Where others stop at this point and leave the rest to others, we go one step further: we produce our CDs ourselves - in painstaking manual work.

 To save the environment, a large part of the parts for the finished CDs consists of second-hand goods, which must pass a strict test for reusability.
Each CD is also individually checked for playability after completion, to ensure 100% that it also runs perfectly. Also we denight to wrap the CDs do to the waste of plastic.

We also coordinate the marketing (at least in Europe). For other countries (for example USA) and the digital distribution CDBaby and Alliance Entertaiment supports us actively.


When you do not want those type of CDs, we started in 2021 to release some music on the new Pro-CDR format. Those CDs are produced by third party companies.



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