Q: I own a Record/ CD store and want to have some CDs. Where I get some?

A: You can get CDs directly from us. Please contact us for your B2B acsess. You can Pre-Order Music exclusively on our B2B platform and got acsess to exclusive Music that we don't distribute via 3rd party distributors.


Q: I am a retailer outside Europe Where I can get CDs from?

Besite us you can get CDs via our store.FAIRE. When you have an account there you can order our music there.


Q: Does the B2B acsess cost money?

A: Unless some other B2Bs we don't charge you for accsess our B2B portal. You only must pay what you bought + shipping/customs/tax.


Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: Yes you can Download it here.


Q: I want a CD you don't produce /sell anymore regulary, can I get this CD still from you?

A: Please contact us for this. It depends on the CD. Some CDs we can't sell anymore do to expired contracs. Other CDs do to low sales. These CDs we could produce as a special order. You will be charged an extra fee for this.