Q: I bought a download card from one of your artists. How can I redeem it?

 A: You must go on cdbaby.com/redeem and enter the code.


Q: My Code doesnt work

 A: Please try again or get in contact with CDBaby.


Q: I want a CD where can I get one?

 A: For our Endcostumers you can go on djkaito.de/shop/ to buy your CD or download card. When you are from other countries we dont ship to directly click here or visit one of our 100+ retail or online partners


Q: Where can I get some merch?

 A: You can get some merch in the Shirts & co section. Or click here


Q: Where I can get a autograph or photo from one of your artists?

 A: When you see them on the street or on one of there concerts.


Q: I want to book one of your artists. How can I do this?

A: Please get in contact with us.


Q: I also make music, how can I get a member/under contract?

A: Contact us! We are looking out for some talent. Tell a bit of yourself and your music. Also please send us a link to some tracks from you. We will tell you if we are interested or not.


Q: I want a CD you don't produce /sell anymore regulary, can I get this CD still from you?

A: Please contact us for this. It depends on the CD. Some CDs we can't sell anymore do to expired contracs. Other CDs do to low sales. These CDs we could produce as a special order. You will be charged an extra fee for this.