Dingo Pictures

Dingo Pictures is a 1992 founded animation company.  It was founded by Roswitha Haas and Ludwig Ickert in Friedrichsdorf (near Frankfurt am Main). Till 2000 over 1 million copies of movies were sold. After stopping the production on movies in 2005, they only licenced their movies.

After the death of both founders in 2015 and 2019, Dingo Pictures got into the hands of relatives.

In 2021 new CEOs were announced: Josef "Jimmy" Roederer and Simon Bohnsack, the owner of Vier Sterne Deluxe Records


Together with the relatives we are bringing back their old classics as radioplays as remastered versions and producing a documentary.


Dingo Pictures Contact: dingopictures@gmx.de (For a License: Please use ONLY CDBabyLicensing!)


More about Dingo Pictures:

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Infos about Content ID Systems

Wabuu and other Dingo Pictures propperties will be get in to the Content ID Systems of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, at release of the radioplays.

What does that mean for you?

Your video may get a copyright notice for using the audio of the movies. We do NOT take your video down. We will NOT strike you. Ads will show up before your video starts and we will get money from YouTube/Facebook/Instagram for your video. When you want to make money with the movies (monetised YouTube/Facebook Videos) you can buy a license by message us!


Radioplays on CD