Goodbye CDBaby



After almost 10 years and over 80 releases, we - Vier Sterne Deluxe Records - will be parting ways with our main distributor, CDBaby.

We began using CDBaby back in 2016 with the release of the DISS EP by DJ KAITO, which peaked at #1 on the INICAT charts at the time.

With Dingo Pictures, we hosted all radioplays, and other artists like Fieldmar$hal & Lifecat also had music with them.


CDBaby and we are parting ways due to differing views on a rights issue concerning one of the Dingo Pictures radioplays.

CDBaby terminated the contracts by 3. April 2024, and denied access to our account and hold the money on that account.


What does this mean for fans now?


A large portion of our catalog will only be available on CD at the moment. We are currently transfering nearly all of our catalog to MusicInfo.io. A big thanks to their ARM Juri Kobayashi who did make a change of our catalog possible. this trasfer will take it's time. Over 12 Years we released over 80 Albums, Singles,and EPs. Do to that we are also overworking some coverart of Albums.


What does that mean for us and our artsits?

Do to the not accsessible money from CDBaby we can not operate as normal and have to make big buget cuts. We can not get all new releases done or even promote that were planned to release this year. Our artists has been contacted.


We hope you can enjoy our music and radioplays again soon.


Vier Sterne Deluxe Records Team