New Catalog, Partners and Changes

Hannover/Wolfsburg. Whats new? What changes will be made in the future? This and other questions, we answer now.


At first: We start shipping again, but not any of our distributors does. CDBaby's warehouse is still closed.


For 2021 we will try to start distributing also CDs in the "Pro CD-R" format, do to changing standards in the music industry. At the moment we are serching for a partner for manufaturing Pro CD-R to our standards with fair trade or eco-friendly sources. All other older CDs will be still availeble at our B2B and B2C portals in the normal CD format you are familiar with. "Pro CD-R" will be a second option.

A third option will be coming in form of a limited run of MCs for some upcoming releases. These will be availeble only in our B2B portal for order and our Direct Partners on- and offline.


We do have a new updated catalog with some upcoming releases.

Thats new:

DJ Moesql - Moesql EP (CD)

Vier Sterne Deluxe - Mix MC (MC)

Vier Sterne Deluxe - Side One EP (CD & MC)

DJ Kaito - Timebox (Limited Box)

You can download the catalog here. When you want acsess to our B2B portal, please contact us.


In the past weeks we got new partners on board. We can say welcome to:






In the next few weeks our full catalog will be availeble there.