Signal Kommt

Release: October 2019


CD Limited to 150.


LIVE in Hamburg


Release: 1. December 2018


After 2 tours, over 90 Gigs and 3 years travelling throug Germany it was time to record this first livealbum at Jungfernstieg, Hamburg with the best tacks that saw the lights of day.

Runtime: arround 45 min.

Back to the Past Acapella (2012-2016)


The best of 5 Years DJ Kaito as acapella tracks.


Includes never released tracks from that time.


Release: 6. October 2017

#LightningQuader is the best selling album from DJ Kaito under Vier Sterne Deluxe Records. It contains 10 new songs, live versions and unreleased demo songs.

Last Step (Version 2)


Release: 2017

Last Step (Version 2) is the remastered version of the album Last Step, released in 2015.

Coverart by Princess Ayase 



The EP was the first appearance on mature platforms. At release it reached #1 on the Inicat Music Charts.

Last Step


is the first acapella album by DJ Kaito. This first version got soud problems and was released for free.

6. October (2.0) EP

Release: 6. October 2015


For the 4th Aneversary of the 6. October EP a new version was released on CD only.

Best of DJK

Release: 2015

This compilation was released on CD only and contains the best hits of DJ Kaito to this point.

All 4 One EP

DJ Kaito Nr.3 - The Final

Release: 24.12.2013

the final part of the TrashTape trilogy.

Schalten Sie mal wieder ab EP


The EP was availeble as free download for a short period of time.

Hoffnungslos EP

Kaito goes Acapella EP


This EP was only availeble on Soundcloud for a long time. It was the first attempt to do something acapella.

DJ Kaito Nr.2


The second TrashTape in the Trilogy.

Das Vermächniss der RST


The legendary album who introduced the RST style many people loves.

6. October EP

Release: 6. October 2012

CD Only, Limited to 50


The first own song from DJ Kaito. The Single is free to download. the CD Contains a Remix and a other song.

DJ Kaito Nr.1


The Trashtape started everything from Vier Sterne Deluxe Records to DJ Kaito