Q: I bought a download card from one of your artists. How can I redeem it?


A: You must go on cdbaby.com/redeem and enter the code.




Q: My Code doesnt work


A: Please try again or get in contact with CDBaby.




Q: I want a CD where can I get one?


A: For our German costumers you can go on djkaito.de/shop/ to buy your CD or download card. When you are from other countries click here or visit one of our 30+ partners




Q: Where can I get some merch?


A: You can get some merch in the Shirts & co section. Or click here




Q: Where I can get a autograph or photo from one of your artists?


A: When you see them on the street or on one of there concerts.




Q: I want to book one of your artists. How can I do this?

A: Please get in contact with us.


Q: I also make music, how can I get a member/under contract?

A: Contact us! We are looking out for some talent. Tell a bit of yourself and your music. Also please send us a link to some tracks from you. We will tell you if we are interested or not.


Q: I own a Record/ CD store and want to have some CDs. Where I get some?

A: Insite of Europe you can get CDs directly from us. Please contact us for that. You can also make exclusive Pre-Orders on our CDs.

Besite that you can get CD va JPC, Alliance Entertaiment, Super D or CDBaby