Wild July - VSD Recap

This July was wild for us here at Vier Sterne Deluxe Records. Many things happened.

With the release of DJ Kaito's "10 YEARS" album in June this year, we celebrated his 10th anniversary which was highly acclaimed by magazines and blogs all across the world. Radio stations in Europe and the US picked up songs from the album. The Song "Siwato" entered this June the top 10 Charts in Chicagos BMS Radio Network and stayed there till the end of July, peaked #5.


Also at the beginning of July together with the CEO of Dingo Pictures, we released a Kickstarter campain for making a documentary about Dingo Pictures. Which at this point collected around 6800€ out of 9001€.  On board we have some big YouTubers, like Phelan Porteous, Caddicarous, Malternativ and others. Also we are in contact with a few People of the original Dingo Pictures staff, and found an old Interview with Ickert himself.


Beside the wild adventure that is the Dingo Pictures Documentary, LifeCat, released his first Single "That's ALL?!" on Vier Sterne Deluxe Records to the public. His electronic style brings new sound to the lable.


Also today DJ Kaito released his single "Abrechnung Part 3 - Ausbildung".


On August 2nd -tomorrow- the first Dingo Pictures Radioplay will release: Wabuu - der freche Waschbär.

Infos about Content ID Systems

Wabuu and other Dingo Pictures propperties will be get in to the Content ID Systems of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, at release of the radioplays.

What does that mean for you?

Your video may get a copyright notice for using the German dub of the movies. We do NOT take your video down. We will NOT strike you. Ads will show up before your video starts and we will get money from YouTube/Facebook/Instagram for your video. When you want to make money with the movies (monetised YouTube/Facebook Videos) you can buy a license from cdbabylicensing.com or message us!